Ophthalmology software is a Eye hospital management software which helps your eyecare unit to manage patients, quick billing, scheduling, optical management ,etc...

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Explore Our Features

It is the ultimate software for Eye Hospital Management

Appointment & Registration

  • Manage front-desk reception activities
  • Easy handling of patient documents
  • Visibility to previous visit history


  • Ease the workflow of refractionist
  • Recording of refraction & PMT test report
  • Previous glass details of patient


  • Easy analysis of refraction reports for doctors
  • E-prescription of medicines, lab tests, treatments
  • Previous medical prescriptions

Counselling & Surgery

  • Details of surgery packages
  • Scheduled surgeries in calendar view
  • Surgery & scheduled time in one glance

Optics Module

  • Manage prescribed glass details
  • Purchase of optical products from suitable vendors
  • Optical products return/credit note option

Pharmacy Module

  • Manage prescribed medicines
  • Purchase of medicines from suitable vendors
  • Medicines return/credit note option


IPD module enables patient’s admission, allocation, transfers & discharge. This will assist hospital to handle all stages of patient treatment flow from reception to payment & discharge.

  • Patient registration
  • Bed management
  • Lab reports
  • Discharge summary
  • Billing
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OPD Management does away the tedious task of manual registration and searching for details from the pile of physical files every time the patient visits. Solution to assist hospital to manage outpatient registration, treatment details & billing.

  • Patient registration
  • Doctor management
  • Prescription management
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Reports & analytics


Patient portal makes it convenient for the patients, doctors, and staffs to collaborate. It enables efficient tracking patient information, prescriptions, interactions & past records.

  • Patient registration
  • Patient smart ID card with the barcode
  • Profile management
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Providing high-quality patient care is critical for any hospital laboratory. It enables laboratories to record, manage & store critical pathological data of the patient.

  • Inventory management
  • Data management
  • Patient management
  • Billing management
  • Analytics & Reports


Customized comprehensive operation theatre management system enabling the hospital to schedule patients and clinicians, ensuring patient safety and improve operation theatre and staff utilization.

  • Booking management
  • Staff management
  • Patient information
  • Billing management
  • Report & analytics
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Medical Inventory Management

Inventory management enables tracking and management medical supplies. It lets hospital with real-time update on stock, expenses and the inventory on-hand.

  • Product Information
  • Pricing & cost
  • Order management
  • Reports

Finance & Accounting Management

This module will automate the entire billing & accounting of the entire hospital operations finances. This module will enable hospitals to capitalize on new opportunities, manage daily purchase or sales, transactions, expenses, balance sheets etc.

  • Accounting & Finances
  • Revenue management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
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