BDT 500/month

Online Invoicing Made Easy

Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, prepare invoices, and get paid faster.

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Send SMS (500 SMS / 300Tk.)
  • Email your client
  • Bill multiple customers
  • You are getting a very nice template
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BDT 2000/month

Use accounting software for everyday business

Explore Account-Care software for small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers.

  • End-to-end accounting
  • Integrated platform
  • Multiple users can work at a time
  • Customize according to your needs
  • Invoicing module included
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Accounting & Inventory

BDT 2500/month

Accounting & Inventory Integration Solution

Get benefits of integrating your inventory with your accounting and back-office processes

  • Accounting, Finances & Revenue management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Invoicing module included
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Point of Sale (POS)

Custom Pricing

Turn your retail small business into a profitable machine

POS software is used to process customer transactions, accept payments, and update inventory levels.

  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Apply discounts and issue refunds
  • Transfer stock between your stores
  • Print barcode labels
  • Track stock levels in real time

Pharmacy POS

Custom Pricing

Safer, faster, better pharmacy management

Pharmacy software is an online software designed to manage all retail pharmacy activities.

  • Automatic medicine order
  • 13000+ Medicine list
  • Track expired medicine
  • Purchase management
  • Gross Profit report

Restaurant POS

Custom Pricing

Manage your restaurant business hassle-free 

Restaurant POS with kitchen display, order tracking, pricing, table management, and menu management to boost your sales

  • Issue printed or electronic receipts
  • Send orders to suppliers
  • Vat statement
  • Track daily expenses
  • Track stock levels in real-time


Custom Pricing

Boost your stock management efficiency

Inventory is a system that helps you have goods inventory control, and improve your planning

  • Multiple Warehouses/Stores
  • Stock Alerts
  • Returns of Goods to Suppliers
  • Expired Items management
  • Invoicing module included

General Hospital

Custom Pricing

An all-in-one solution

AccountCare hospital module is a web-based online hospital management software

  • Patient registration with ID card
  • Consultation and prescription
  • OT management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Outpatients (OPD)
  • Inpatients (IPD)
  • Pathology & Radiology
  • Pharmacy Management

Eye Hospital

Custom Pricing

It is the ultimate software for Eye Hospital Management

Combines general hospital features with eyecare hospital needs

  • Appointment & Registration
  • Refraction
  • Consultation
  • Optics Module
  • Pharmacy Module

Customized ERP Solution

Custom Pricing

Order us to develop ERP solution for your company. We develop database management software faster with a degree of accuracy comparable to any brand product you may know of. Your developer can make necessary modifications or create new features with ease with our customized admin panel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Completely whiteboard top-line channels and fully tested value. Competently generate testing procedures before visionary maintainable growth strategies for maintainable.

This is not desktop-based software. Our software is a cloud-based web application. Cloud-based applications are becoming popular worldwide because they can be accessed from anywhere on any devices.
This is not open-source or free software. It's our completely in-house own developed software from scratch.
Unfortunately, we are not selling the software, we are providing it as SAAS (software as a service) model.
You may pay the software service charge monthly or quarterly or half-yearly or annually, which will be fixed upon discussion.
You must pay a service charge in order to use the software. Our development team and support team are always able to solve any software related issues, update new technologies and provide overall support, against which a minimal service charge for that.
To run our software, you must need internet connectivity. But our software is fast & light-weight which can be used with low bandwidth internet connectivity.
If you are interested in using our software, you will be required to pay a one-time installation charge.
Initially, you do not have to invest in hardware/computer but we request that you use a computer so that the software can be used in a proper and easy way. Our software can be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
Anyone who has general knowledge of running a computer can run this software. You must assign at least one person to use the software, who will be able to operate the software through our training.
We can assure you that your data is completely safe with us. Because we're using a highly secure and efficient Google Cloud Server to store your data, which will be stored on continent and sub-continent storage systems, thereby ensuring data security. In accordance with the laws of Bangladesh, we will not share your information with anyone.
Of course, using our SMS service will allow you to actively send SMS to the customer and make the bill through SMS.
Yes, the software can be customized. The customization charges of the software depend on several factors such as the type of organization, the location of the organization and the amount of our services, etc. We want everyone to receive our services at a reasonable price.