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Overview of Pharmacy POS Software

Pharmacy software is an online software designed to manage all the retail pharmacy activities like medicine expiry management, pharmacy billing, inventory management, and accounting.

Gone are the days when pharmacies required only a data entry portal to print bills and measure sales. In the world of personalization and growing competition, pharmacies need stable pharmacy management software that can give them the edge

Automatic Order

POS software is automatically created for different manufacturers on purchase orders.

24K+ Medicine

Included in the software are more than 13 thousand plus medicine records.

Expired Medicine

Ability to track the medicine expiry and plan the purchases accordingly.

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Advanced Features

Transform your business with Account-Care pharmacy POS complete with a comprehensive inventory, purchase, sales and automated store operations.

  • To retain and gain more customers
  • Stock right with accurate tracking of expiry
  • Meet the statutory and pharmaceutical guidelines, all in a single platform
  • Enjoy easy medical billing and accounting

Inventory management

Accurate inventory management with expiry control and physical stock auditing to ensure optimum stocks availability.

Purchase management

Ability to purchase the right products at right time without losing margin.

Pharmacy Accounting

One platform to manage entire accounting needs with in-built GST accounting and e-filing.


Actionable insights with real-time reporting capabilities.

What are the advantages of using Retail Pharmacy shop software?

There are various benefits of using Pharmacy management software.

  • Operational excellence with end to end procurement management
  • Hassle-free compliance to statutory and industry norms
  • Increased sales and consistent business growth
  • Track drugs with shorter expiry during inward and sales
  • Monitor non-moving, aging, margins, and short-expiry